Pure Rock, from Tokyo Broadcast System (TBS)

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A heads up

Hey guys, sorry I’ve not been posting anything for a while. I’ve been really sick and in-and-out the doctors for weeks. I’m in the midst of another 2 week medication treatment so maybe if that works out I’ll be able to have more posts going. Hope everyone understands.


Moscow music peace festival 1989

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Anonymous asked:
your blog is awesome congrats and thanks for all the pictures you share with us just wanted to ask you if you have the video where tom is drinking??

Thanks and no problem. Hmm I’m not sure what picture you’re exactly talking about. Could ya be more specific

welcome-to-paradise-station asked:
oh my gosh i just found your blog and i love it so much I shall STAY following you! :D

Wow, thank you so much:)


Jeff, hiding in shame.



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